With these simple precautions, you will avoid deterioration, remember, they are made with AAA wire, coated with polymer that makes it resistant to wear, but that you have to take care of it, if you want to enjoy last much longer.

Always SI-SI:

  1. Put on your perfume, hairspray, makeup, and lotions before putting on your jewelry.
  2. Polish garments with a soft cloth at any time (use, dust and fingerprints tend to decrease your jewelry shine over time).
  3. Store it in a dry place as a jewelry case lined with felt or velvet.

Always NO-NOs:

  1. Do not bathe or swim with your jewelry. Water – Chlorine – Salt are not friends with your jewelry.
  2. Do not use when exercising, sweat damages the metal polymer.
  3. Do not use chemicals to clean your jewelry.