Sr Unike


Our Pieces

Our pieces are like you, Unike, they are the complement to your personality.

Our pieces have the power to make you feel UniKe.

Colors, textures, stones, and wires combine to match your style.

They are hand-crafted pieces, they can have the same design but each one is different, they are not the same, the creation only repeats the aesthetics of the piece.

Jewelry has the power to make you feel unique. Design, materials, or textures come together to complement the outfit or occasion.

Transform your outfit with the uniqueness of SR Unike pieces and the styles that comes from within.

The items in the collection are carefully designed and handcrafted using a range of colors and designs.

Alambrismo Technique

The technique of “Alambrismo” is the artistic work of hand molding the wire, which allows to create a unique piece of jewelry, at the end,  even if the design is repeated, will always be different, just like you…

We are located in Florida, and our designer is always working with the last fashion trends.